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  • Ludo Lush - Ludo Game with Video Call

    First Ludo Game which offers Video Chat! It's a famous dice board game.You can play this game with your friends and family while enjoying Video Chat and Voice Chat. It’s a multiplayer game and it can be played with strangers around the world.This is the most exciting multiplayer dice board game which is amazingly social and fun game.

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    Hunting Bigfoot Monster Hunter

    Bigfoot a Monkey like creature who repeatedly kills the people in dark forests which leaves behind large footprints. Many people have tried to kill but Bigfoot survived. So,if you wanna kill him then equip yourself with traps and Guns. Play as a Bigfoot Monster Hunter in this Horror survival game.

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    3D Fish Feeding and Grow

    Play as a predator and hunt other fishes in the most intense shark combat game ever.Be the apex predator of Ocean. Combat of Sharks is Insane and brutal in this absolutely terrifying action game. Its all about surviving and growing,for growing you need to hunt small fishes and other sea creatures.

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    Home Decor - Decorate house interior design games

    Make your dream designs in the best House Design Game! Enjoy the life of interior designer in home renovation and home remodel game.Show your home decor skills and design master dream houses.Redecor the interior design of your dream house. This house design game will improve your home renovation and home makeover skills.